Jennifer Läckgren

Jennifer Läckgren is the lead vocalist and guitarist of her band Jenny and the Scallywags. Being in a musical family of 12 siblings, she recieved nationwide attention from The Voice Thailand Season 2 and since then her career has started its first phase as she pushed out her first EP.

Jeans band.jpg


Known mainly from Thai folk pop act Hers, Jeans is steadily carving a name for herself in the singer/songwriter community. With a strong voice and a boisterous guitar strumming style, Jeans is a young up-and-coming performer set to take on the live scene.


Jimmy Revolt

JIMMY REVOLT is a pop punk Thai band based in Bangkok, formed in 2009 by Fern (vocalist / guitar) and Ball (drums), ex-members of Thai Pop punk emo band "Ritalinn".

Chocolate Cosmos

Despite their poppy name, The Chocolate Cosmos are a rocking Thai three-piece with some of the best energy in the city. Influenced by the best of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, the guys blast out catchy melodies, guitar solos and on stage charm. Currently they have a residency at Bangkok’s hip new music hideaway Black Cabin and are honing their already excellent skills. 


Forming from ex-members of Bangkok's legendary Screwdriver, Evolu5ion is hard hitting, professional cover band. Frontman Noom has traveled Southeast Asia's international circuit and is one of the most charismatic and talented in the industry.


A quintessential classic vintage rock act, playing songs from a more simple era. Specialising in Beatles, Presley, Roy Orbison and anything pre 1980s, this fun, talented group is the life of any party. Originally starting playing originals and indie shows, they have garnered a solid regular following at some of Bangkok’s key venues, including hip music bar Black Cabin, for their fun shows and their mix of classics.

Mind Logic 2019 Press.jpg

Mind Logic

Boasting one of the best 90s voices on the Bangkok scene, three piece Mind Logic will astound you. Performing with either keyboard or second guitar, this trio is making waves. Specialising in rock and popular covers and making use of electronic drums, they are a tight and versatile unit.



Mild & Hack

Specialising in popular modern hits, this dynamic duo is great for a Thai or easy listening crowd. Hack is a guitar maestro, adding layers and beautiful melodies, he is complemented by the sweet voiced Mild. Mild is a star in her own right, having been runner-up on the famous Michael Boltons 'Bolt of Talent' TV show.

Elliot Imlay 1.jpg

Elliot Imlay

Elliott Imlay is an American singer of many styles, performing everything from Frank Sinatra classics to the latest pop hits. His background in operatic performance inspires a full, smooth and rich vocal timbre to his voice and adds a unique artistic styling to his interpretations of musical favorites, old and new. 


Charismatic frontman of Bangkok's own indie sensation Mattnimare, Pree is turning heads in this city. Pree will be playing stripped down acoustic versions of his very own creations even a cover or two. 


Pimploy is a talented young Thai performer with a beautiful voice. She performs Thai and Western favourites and her unique style is becoming well known across Bangkok. With a huge repertoire of material she is able to please almost any event.